Ten Things, 2023-25

yeah this is a good one of these

Here are ten things.

  1. In honour of Father's Day, the great Ryan Nanni (part of the SB Nation coaching tree, co-host of the Shutdown Fullcast) asks, What is the most Dad thing you did all year?
  2. SlamBall is back, baby? What, you don't remember SlamBall? Teenage me had a lot of time for it. The great Kofie Yeboah is a fan.
  3. For Slate, Dan Kois on why the text fields on my phone are littered with periods.
  4. For Wired, Paul Ford on archiving his late dad's work.
  5. Keith Phipps on the missing six seconds in The French Connection.
  6. Would you place Alien in the horror section or the sci-fi section?
  7. In font news: introducing Intel One Mono.
  8. I was recently made aware of the 12-seat Little Prince micro-cinema in Stratford, Ontario, and it has reawakened dormant dreams of running my own little jewel box movie house.
  9. Watchlist roulette: the neo-hixploitation classic Breakdown, the humanistic Korean military thriller Joint Security Area, and the screwball double feature of Bringing Up Baby and What's Up, Doc?.
  10. “Summer Grass” by Tomas Tranströmer, translated by Robert Bly (via Pome):
    So much has happened.
    Reality has eaten away so much of us.
    But summer, at last.
    A great airport—the control tower leads down load after load with chilled people from space.
    Grass and flowers—we are landing. The grass has a green foreman. I go and check in.