Ten Things, 2023-24

Whose lights do I have to punch out to get that fucking coat
Source: Instagram/@francisfordcoppola

Here are ten things.

  1. I watched the fifth and final game of the 2023 NBA Finals with some friends and marvelled at Nikola Jokić, a bored king dominating the NBA almost as an afterthought.
  2. The best thing about Nick Taylor sinking a 72-foot putt for eagle to clinch the Canadian Open is this slow-mo footage of fellow Canadian golfer Adam Hadwin getting absolutely trucked by security while celebrating.
  3. SportsNet put out a cute Wes Anderson-esque summary of the totally wackadoo 1992-93 NHL season.
  4. Matt Dinan on the semiotics of dadcore.
  5. A Max Read doublet on MrBeast (not linking to his YouTube page cos honestly he doesn't need the help): first for the Times, and second for his excellent newsletter.
  6. Radio Garden maps out every streaming radio station on the internet onto a spinnable globe. Now you too can know what they're listening to in, I don't know, Malmö.
  7. Hideo Kojima paid a visit to the Criterion Closet, which is an event I have a vested interest in. Maybe I should pick up a copy of The Creative Gene?
  8. “One of the greatest surprises in life is when you realize you’re elderly. But there’s a gentle comfort coming from that, as everyone loves stories and long ago adventures told by their Grandpa.” This is a quote from Francis Ford Coppola (you know, The Godfather, The Conversation, Apocalypse Now...) on his first Instagram post. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write.
  9. Watchlist Roulette: the gloriously 90s Grosse Pointe Blank (maybe the best of the post-QT crime comedies?), the subpar but better-than-anticipated 65, and cable-TV dadcore classic Cop Land.
  10. A poem by Richard Wright, via Pome:
    I give permission
    For this slow spring rain to soak
    The violet beds.