Ten Things, 2023-17

hast thou heard? the lads have returned to the town of their provenance!

Here are ten things.

  1. The Clientele, one of my absolute favourite bands, announced the release of a new album, their first in six years, complete with accompanying single, music video, and tour in the fall. Hype levels are off the charts, even if said tour is bereft of Canadian dates.
  2. What the hell is going on in the NHL playoffs?! The Leafs break their 19-year first-round curse, the upstart Kraken knock out the champs, and the Panthers come back from being down 3 games to 1 to send the greatest regular season team in league history packing for the summer. Utter madness.
  3. Watchlist roulette: Warrior (guaranteed to make your dad cry), The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (I can 100% see why Schrader loves Ozu), Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (this is a comedy about American exceptionalism, right?), and Wedding Crashers (totally sociopathic, do not recommend).
  4. The new John Mulaney special Baby J is funny, yes, but also a little more caustic and prickly and weary. Cocaine continues to be a hell of a drug.
  5. The great Patrick Willems on the no-plot-just-vibes pleasures of Tenet.
  6. Sometimes I recommend American contemporary classical music by a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, because no person is just one thing. I keep half-remembering John Luther Adams' Become Ocean, an awesome, roiling 45-minute orchestral piece, but by listing it here, I have commemorated it, so no need to worry that I'll ever forget it again.
  7. The most devastating daywrecker I've encountered in a minute: Six Degrees of Wikipedia. (thanks, Steph!)
  8. Steph and I played a lot of Overcooked 2 this past weekend. Like, a lot. You know what? Fun game! It 100% deserves a spot in your local multiplayer rotation. I also watched her play Paper Mario: The Origami King a bunch. Paper Mario games are consistently pretty weird and funny, so watching along is fun in and of itself.
  9. RIP Harry Belafonte. RIP Gordon Lightfoot.
  10. From Matthew Ogle's Pome, “Correction” by A.R. Ammons:
    The burdens of the world
    on my back
    lighten the world
    not a whit while
    removing them greatly
    decreases my specific