Ten Things, 2023-08

now I can literally rest on my laurels πŸ“·: damndaze_

Here are ten things.

  1. Part of the reason this edition of Ten Things is late is that I spent five hours yesterday laying on my stomach getting a brand new tattoo, pictured above. Shout out to Val from Grey Market for her astounding work.
  2. Val and her studiomate were bumping some pretty sick jams while I was getting repeatedly stabbed with an ink-tipped needle: Still Woozy, Palace, Tame Impala, Tim Atlas, Ellington/Coltrane, Dayglow, New Abnormal-era Strokes.
  3. After long threatening it, I'm finally making good on my promise of becoming a correspondence guy. Thank-you notes, postcards, letters, the works. If I have your address, I will send you something.
  4. I've been thinking about personal rating systems a lot these days. Future blog post?
  5. The most recent episode of Do by Friday is an all-timer. Stay for the interesting takes on ChatGPT, stay for the crushing existential despair of being locked inside your own head.
  6. Via Kottke: the greatest unexpected performances in NBA history, or a crash course in statistical analysis.
  7. What's that? Basketball not your thing? More of a baseball person? Don't worry, I've got you: the now-fully-back-from-being-hacked Foolish Baseball teaches you how to lie with baseball statistics.
  8. JPEG is a newsletter of a different stripe. From their own copy: β€œThe images are links. The subject matter varies. No text. Just images.” Right on.
  9. Y'all know I play Magic: The Gathering, right? And how I like to play with just the dregs of the game? Well, let me introduce you to some like-minded people, the pride and joy of Roseville, Minnesota, Quest for the Janklord, i.e. four guys who play Commander exclusively with cards worth $0.79 or less. So keep that god damn Sol Ring in your binder there, brother. Jank forever.
  10. A poem, from poem.exe:
    bright moon
    when did you get here?
    toward my door