Ten Things, 2023-07

in my flop era lmao

Here are ten things.

  1. It's Pisces Season, y'all. Time to feel those big feelings. Also, it means my birthday is coming up very soon. Do with this information what you will.
  2. Happy belated Valentine's Day, love is not mind-reading. (via Austin Kleon)
  3. I stumbled upon an April 2020 article in Nieman Storyboard about Derrick Goold, a baseball beat writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who writes one postcard a day, every day, to family and friends. What a wonderful idea this is.
  4. The great Adam Neely on the so-called Nintendo-fication of jazz, the future of the jazz canon, and the video game music scene.
  5. You know who's a great fucking rock band? Pup. I caught up with The Unraveling of PUPTHEBAND, and guess what, it totally rips. Totally would have made my top albums of 2022 list had I heard it in time for list season.
  6. Bailey Freeman, whose nom de plume is Foolish Baseball, got his main YouTube account hacked by Tesla dweebs. He has gotten it back, but has taken a hit in terms of subscriber count. If you're even in the ballpark of being as baseball fan (yes, I wrote that on purpose), I can't recommend this channel enough.
  7. Secret Base's Kofie Yeboah on the sorry state of Mario sports games.
  8. Some solid life advice from Pajiba's Kayleigh Donaldson: “Stop Romanticizing the Hays Code, You Ahistorical Dorks!”
  9. My friend Andy has taken the Ten Things ball and run with it: here's the first edition of the So-So Ocho.
  10. Yesterday, Montreal lit mag Yolk held one of their “pop-up poetry” events (you give me a prompt and ~15 minutes, I give you a custom poem), and I was lucky enough to be behind one of the typewriters, hammering out verse for passersby. Here's a small sample:
    I hope to hear your smile like sun rise on your face
    My heart's inside your pocket— in its resting place
    Felt from a distance conversation can erase